Life is hard enough without the pain of extra costs

Making the right choice when it comes to finishes, landscaping or exterior facade of your home is not simple.

Considering that MOST people make changes to their building once the construction has already begun, making the wrong choices, simply adds expenses to your project with the potential to really blow your construction budget.

Every builder I have ever spoken to, has agreed. The most costly thing is “changes” – after materials are ordered and once construction has begun. Likewise, with landscaping changes after plants are delivered and planted, only to be dug up and replanted, is costly and frustrating for everyone involved.

Save the pain, get a 3D render done and avoid making expensive mistakes in exterior choices

Our 3D rendering process will allow you to see HOW your new home or renovation will look with your different finishes.

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Option 1 - Creative 3D Perspective CGI photomontage showing brick veneer optionOption 2 - Creative 3D Perspective CGI photomontage showing rendered brick

You can even choose alternate looks and see which you prefer. e.g. Try out different landscaping looks to achieve the right effect. Our CGI/3D image can save you money in the construction process, because it leaves nothing to chance. Show it to your builder or your landscaper and you will ensure there are no misunderstandings or expensive changes needed later down the track.

With your final choice made, your 3D perspective (artist impression) can also be used to smooth the process of DA approval, or to avoid any potential conflicts with difficult neighbours.

In addition, you might also consider a photo-montage. This is an impressive combination of computer generated image and actual photo. All you need is to provide us with a photo of your current block/property. (This is something you can do with a phone camera yourself). We will do the rest, to create a ‘montage’ of the 2 images: combining our 3D perspective and your actual photo, producing a photorealistic version of how your completed property will look, in the context of its existing setting or your streetscape.

The photo montage is a great solution to dispel any doubts of the final appearance of your completed project. The process allows you to select the EXACT finish that you are looking for, and see it in context with our cost-effective computer generated image (CGI) approach.

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