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Surf Mist Dulux Namadji Silver Travertine facade

Visualise your home in any colour paint, with our Virtual Colour Consultant

Save the time, hassle and cost of sample pots and endless patchwork painting

Imagine being able to save time and money, seeing how your home would look completely painted, before even buying a single pot of sample paint, and before a single coat of paint is painted? With a photo of the exterior of your home, I can colorise it ‘virtually’ and thereby give you a photorealistic visualisation of your home, complete with all colours you want to see,  infinite shades – your limit is your imagination and budget.

  • Simply supply a photo of your home
  • The name of a specific paint
  • (And a link to an online colour swatch e.g. Dulux)
  • Leave the rest to me, and I’ll work my Photoshop magic…
  • You will be able to see your home in any colour
  • See it in context to its surroundings, taking into account any external things like fences etc.
  • Provide a photo from any angle you like, even multiple angles*

*This example is a computer generated image but we can work with any reasonable quality photo of a home. (Mostly phone cameras do this well enough).

Price Guide


  1. $220 for the first option of colour exterior, using a photo of your property.
  2. Subsequent options of the same painted area: $27.50-$37.50*
  3. Receive JPEGS emailed to you, usually within just 1 hour of order confirmation.
  • *Indicative estimate only: all prices subject to final quote once we receive your photo/details.
  • Prices are for a single view angle only. Additional view angles/photos will be extra quote.
  • NOTE: High resolution photos give better final results.
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